Crime Bay is the proven legitimate dark web marketplace operated by the Chechen Mob. Customers anonymously submit orders to beat up, set fire to or kill their chosen target. We use our international network of anonymous, trusted Operatives to execute customer's orders. We have many Russian mafia members, Italian members and Spanish members as well as operatives in virtually every location.

Our business is to enable hundreds of customers to find Operatives in their area easily and safely, without the risk of exposing themselves.

Hire a killer

1. Users are anonymous. No risky meet-ups are required, and neither Crime Bay nor it's operatives know the customers name, address or IP. The use of privacy and anonymity enhancing tools protect our users.

2. The transaction is considerably safer than a street-based assasination service. We don't ask for any cash advance. Most other hitmen require a 50% cash advance payment before the murder to protect them against losses from non-payment. If the hitman takes the money and vanishes, you can't do much about it. You are also exposed to the potential of blackmail if you meet a hitman face to face. On the internet, you pay with Bitcoin through our Escrow service. The money is kept secure in your virtual wallet, and no one can access it without your secure private key. You pay only when the job has been completed to your satisfaction. The hitman is also protected against non-payment.

Hire a killer the safe and easy way, by providing only target information, while hiding your IP. We will assign a proven operative who has already completed jobs in the same country as your victim. Our operatives will be able to complete your orders efficiently and discretely.

Our website's location is protected by the onion routing protocol, as well as a few other tricks which make it non-trivial to deanonymize the Crime Bay server or our administration. When we make use of precompiled software we always recompile it to harden it against potential threats. This prevents application level vulnerbilities that could leak information or harm our users. Onion sites do not have a whois, nor a public IP address which prevents accidental discovery. We do not have feedback on public sites that are controlled by the government or law enforcement agencies, because any feedback there can be posted by undercover cops or legal employees hostile to operative services. You can read more about our operational security in the security section of Crime Bay. We prioritize the safety of our customers and operatives always and provide practical guidelines to securing yourself.

The payment is through Bitcoin with escrow, after the hit is successful. Bitcoin is an easy way to pay online, and it can be highly anonymous because the customer doesn't expose his credit card or bank account to our site. Bitcoin is one of the few payment methods that keeps the customer, market and operative anonymous. Each job is done according to the customer requirements and we rely on satisfied users to spread the word.

hire a killer

Note: The images above and some of the images on our site were not made by our operatives. These images are taken by news people after we did the murders.

When talking about a hired killer, most people imagine a slick assassin with a long sniper rifle waiting on a building. We have them but they are expensive and suitable for important hits. Most of the killing is done by low-level gang members who use a handgun and a hooded jacket waiting for the victim in a parking lot. We also can offer you smart assassins who make it look like an accident.

Why use a paid killer? Because it is affordable, safe and allows you to get away with murder. Make sure you are in a public place surrounded by people and friends when the murder is done, and no one will suspect you.